Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Who do I contact for help? For general questions about the conference, please contact For Society-specific questions, please contact the relevant Society: AMS office: SMT office:


• Are there opportunities to volunteer? Yes! But please note that space is limited. We cannot guarantee all who apply will be assigned a volunteer role. Information on how to apply is available here.


• Will there be opportunities to network and socialize? Yes. There will be many opportunities to network, socialize, and connect with colleagues and friends.


• Will there be an exhibit hall? Yes, we will have an exhibit hall available to all registrants.


• Will there be a program book? Absolutely. The program book will be a publicly accessible and fully searchable digital program. It is expected to be available in mid-October.


• How do I reserve my hotel room? Information on accommodations at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel is available here. The Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel will serve as the location for the 2023 Joint Annual Meeting. Most events and services, including registration and help desks, will be located there. All hotel bookings must be made by 11 October 2023.


• How do I reserve an exhibit booth or program book ad and what are the deadlines? Information and reservation forms for exhibitors, advertisers, networking event organizers, and sponsors is available here.


• Is there a deadline to provide Conference Program Guide materials? To appear in the Final Conference Program Guide, submit materials to the event organizers by 15 September 2023.


• How do I request accessibility accommodations? Requests for accessibility support can be sent to Requests are handled confidentially by the AMS and SMT staff and are not shared.


• Will attendees at the 2023 Joint Annual Meeting be photographed? The 2023 AMS-SMT Joint Annual Meeting will have photographers and videographers on site to capture a visual record of select meetings and activities. This visual record is for the organizers’ use only and may appear on the societies’ websites, newsletters, and social media streams. In registering for this event, you acknowledge that you may be photographed and waive the right to inspect or approve such images before posting.


• Is there an anti-harassment policy? Yes. Harassment is unacceptable and will not be tolerated at the AMS-SMT 2023 Joint Annual Meeting. All attendees and participants must agree to abide by the meeting anti-harassment policy at registration.


• Are there additional resources for people looking for information about accessibility in the city of Denver? Yes. The Denver Conferences and Visitors’ Bureau has resources on accessibility to help visitors navigate the city and airport.


• Is there a childcare or family care reimbursement available to attendees? Yes. SMT offers family care grants to those SMT members whose attendance at the Annual Meeting incurs extra family care expenses. The deadline to apply for SMT family care grants is 1 September. The AMS offers family care reimbursements to AMS members whose attendance at the Annual Meeting incurs extra family care expenses. Reimbursement requests must be submitted via the payment request form no later than 1 December. Submitters should select “Other” for Program Type and list “Childcare/Family Care Reimbursement” in the Program Name. Submitters should also include receipts. AMS family care reimbursements will cover 50% of expenses, up to a reimbursement total of $200. Reimbursements will be distributed after the Annual Meeting.


• I am interested in finding a roommate for the 2023 AMS-SMT Joint Annual Meeting. Are there resources to help me find a roommate? If you are looking to share lodging during the 2023 AMS-SMT Joint Annual Meeting, a roommate locator form is available here. The answers will be shared weekly with other participants who have also filled out the form. Participants will use the information to make contact with one another and arrange to share lodging.


When will the annual meeting take place? The Societies will meet 9-12 November 2023 in Denver, Colorado at the Sheraton Downtown Hotel.


•In what time zone will the meeting take place? The meeting will take place in the Mountain Standard Time Zone.


•When will the schedule for the conference be made available? The program schedule will be made available in August 2023.


• When can I register and what will it cost? Early registration will be available on or before 15 June 2023 through 22 September 2023. Regular registration rates are in effect from 23 September 2023 through 8 November 2023.  See registration rates here.


• Are there ways to have the registration fee waived? Yes! Conference volunteers will receive a waiver of the registration fee in exchange for six hours of service. Please note that space is limited. We cannot guarantee all who apply will be assigned a volunteer role. More information about volunteering is available here.


Are presenters and chairs required to register for the Annual Meeting? Yes, presenters, chairs and discussants/respondents are all required to register for the Annual Meeting.


Is there a cancellation policy? Yes. Refund requests will be honored if received on or before 31 October 2023 and are subject to a $20 processing fee. Refunds requested after 31 October will not be honored.

Proposals & Submissions


• When are proposals due? Proposals for sessions, performances, and the CAMPE Special Call for Remote Presentations were due 15 February 2023. Committee & Study Group proposals and CAMPE Special Call for Professional Development proposals were due 15 March 2023.


• What is the AMS Alternate Years Rule and to which proposal types does it apply? The AMS Alternate Years Rule restricts the participation of individuals in successive meeting years. The AMS Alternate Years Rule does not apply for the 2023 Annual Meeting.


• Are proposals read anonymously (i.e., with the names of participants hidden from the committee)? AMS roundtable, workshop, and film proposals are read openly, and all the names of participants are given to readers (and should be included in the proposal). AMS individual proposals and sessions are read anonymously until the final stages of the committee’s work. All SMT-only sessions are reviewed anonymously.

COVID Policies

• Does the 2023 AMS-SMT Joint Annual Meeting have a COVID-19 vaccine requirement? Attendees are encouraged to get a COVID-19 and flu vaccination to prevent the spread of viruses.


• Will I have to wear a mask at the 2023 AMS-SMT Joint Annual Meeting? Attendees are encouraged to wear a surgical mask or higher-level respirator (N95, KN94, etc.) to prevent the spread of disease, but attendees will not be required to wear masks.


Have general questions? Contact us at

For Society-specific questions, contact the relevant Society:

AMS office: ams -at-
SMT office: smt -at-

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