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Registration Desk Hours

Wed. 11/8: 3:30pm-6:30pm
Thurs. 11/9: 9:00am-6:30pm
Fri. 11/10: 8:30am-5:30pm
Sat. 11/11: 8:30am-4:00pm
Sun. 11/12: 8:30am-11am

Program & Schedule

Searchable Online Program

Most daytime sessions consist of 3-4 papers. In most situations, paper presentations should be no more than 20 minutes long. The remaining time is for introductions and questions. Session chairs should facilitate introductions, manage the Q&A, and monitor session timing.

We also recommend that chairs and presenters communicate in advance of the meeting. Chairs may request that presenters share a draft of their papers in advance and may provide other guidance on the session format. Please follow all reasonable instructions provided by your session’s chair. If you have questions about your session’s format or its management prior to the meeting, contact us at

For more information on presenting or chairing at the 2023 Joint Annual Meeting, as well as society-specific advice, explore the links below:

Technology & Resources

All scheduled session rooms are equipped with a screen, a projector, and microphones. Meeting rooms will not have this equipment unless it was specifically requested. Below is specific information on other in-room technology and equipment. Review carefully to ensure you have everything you need for your session.


Computers / Laptops

Session rooms will not have computers or laptops in them. If you want to use slides or multimedia, please plan to bring your laptop and connect it to a projector.


To save time, you may want to coordinate computer use with other members of your panel. So, discuss this issue in advance. And if you do decide to share one laptop for the entire session, be sure to bring your presentation on a USB thumb drive or send it in advance so it can be downloaded to that computer. (NOTE: Many ultra-light modern laptops do not have standard USB ports. So, be sure that your colleagues’ computer can accommodate a USB drive, if you plan to use one.)


Please ensure that you bring an HDMI connector/adapter (dongle) or cable in order to connect your computer to the projector.

WiFi / Internet

The conference venue will have free WiFi available. The password and access information is provided on the back of every attendee’s conference badge.


NOTE: The conference WiFi is intended to support web browsing and light downloads only. There will not be sufficient bandwidth to support video or live streaming at scale. Do not plan on using the free conference WiFi to stream. Doing so will risk overloading the network.


This year, volunteer room monitors will not be staffed in the session rooms. Instead, volunteers will be positioned at stations nearby. These volunteers are responsible for assisting with microphone management and other minor support tasks. They can also notify the conference organizers or technical support staff in the event that you have a problem with the facilities or technology.  Room monitors are not technicians, however, and cannot troubleshoot complicated technical issues. If you are presenting, it is your responsibility to check your equipment setup by using the Speaker Ready Room before your presentation. 

Tech Support

Technicians will be on hand at the meeting to assist with technology issues. However, we do not have the resources to provide a designated technician in every room. So, please use the Speaker Ready Room in advance of your session to test your computing setup. Don’t just show up at your session and assume that you can figure out how to get your materials displayed/heard!


In the event that you need technical support in your session room, please inform a volunteer. That individual will have instructions on how to get help from a technician. If you cannot reach a volunteer, contact the Registration Desk.


Pianos have been made available in some rooms. Pianos are provided only if requested well in advance of the meeting. If you have requested a piano, one will be assigned to your scheduled session room. 

Business Center

If you need last-minute printing, copying, or shipping services, visit the FedEx Office Print & Ship Center at the Sheraton Denver Downtown Hotel. The FedEx office provides the following services:

  • Get a shipping label
  • Express drop off
  • Ground drop off
  • Packing services
  • Packaging supplies
  • International shipping
  • Copy & print services
  • Return shipping services
  • Signs and banners
  • Saturday service
  • Sunday service
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Hotel Maps

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Tower Building second level
Tower Building mezzanine level
I.M. Pei Tower Building, Terrace Level
Tower Building Majestic Level

Uploading Handouts

To help illustrate your presentation and make it more accessible, you are encouraged to provide handouts and supporting materials. These materials may be uploaded directly to the website where you submitted your original proposal. The deadline for uploading handouts is 6 November 2023. 

Once uploaded, materials will be publicly available via the searchable online program and the meeting app. So, please make sure to only upload those things which you are comfortable making publicly accessible.  

To upload handouts or slides to accompany your presentation, please following the directions below:

1. Sign in to your ConfTool account. It needs to be the same account used to submit the proposal.

2. Click on the “Your Submissions” menu item to open the Your Submissions page.

3. Click on “Final Upload” in the right rail of the proposal to which the file(s) will be uploaded.*

4. *Only the person who submitted the proposal will see the “Final Upload” link. If you are not the proposal submitter, please coordinate with the submitter to upload your handouts.

5. The upload page has space for up to 2 file uploads. For each file to be uploaded, click the “Choose a file…” button to select the file to be uploaded. Only files in PDF format are accepted. 

6. When all files have been selected, click the “Upload File(s) and Save Data” button.

7. A confirmation message will display if uploaded properly; an error message will display if something has gone wrong.

8. Files will be added to the session listing in the Conference Agenda in real time, so check that your uploads have been added properly. If changes are needed to the files, you can return to “Your Submissions” and delete and/or replace files as desired.

The system allows two (2) handouts per proposal. Thus, presenters who submitted paper proposals may upload up to two (2) handouts per paper proposal. However, for sessions like workshops, roundtables, and pre-organized panels, the two (2) handout limit applies to the entire session, even if there are multiple presenters on it. So, if you are the submitter of a session proposal, you must coordinate with your panelists or presenters to consolidate your handouts into no more than two (2) document uploads. If changes are needed, you can delete and/or replace files as needed. All handout uploads must be in PDF format.

If you encounter difficulties uploading your handout, contact us at



If you are using a recording, please remember to provide appropriate acknowledgement of the performance and performer in the text of your presentation, or in an accompanying handout or slide.


Original Work

When you submitted your proposal you were required to affirm that the material you planned to present is your original work and would not violate copyright law or the intellectual property rights of another person. We ask that you keep this in mind when you present and to do your best to provide clear attributions, acknowledgements, or citations when drawing on the work of others.