Social Media Dos and Don'ts

This page provides guidelines for using social media during or in connection with the 2023 Joint Annual Meeting.


1. Use the conference hashtag: #ams_smt23


2. Tag or use the society-specific handles where appropriate:

LinkedIn: American Musicological Society  |  Twitter:  @SMT_musictheory


3. Keep your posts or tweets respectful and constructive.

4. Remember that everything you post or tweet is public.

5. Be respectful of other people’s intellectual property.
(It is not your place to publish someone else’s research or ideas.)

6. Get permission before taking or posting an image or video of others.
(This is the law.)

7. Ask for permission before tagging someone in a photo.

8. Make a presumption of privacy.
(If you are in doubt about whether you should post or tweet something, don’t do it.)


1. Don’t share sensitive content.
(Social media posts about politics, religion, and other controversial issues, especially ones that identify specific people and their views, could get someone hurt.)


2. Don’t troll, bully, or doxx.
(Ethical standards of professional conduct apply everywhere, including on social media.)


3. Don’t use too many hashtags or handles.
(It feels like spamming.)

4. Don’t be constantly on your phone in a session.
(It can be disruptive to those sitting around you and the speakers deserve your attention.)


5. Don’t engage in excessive self-promotion using the conference hashtag.
(It is fine to give a shout out about your talk, but don’t do multiple posts or run down anyone else’s session or paper.)

6. Don’t appropriate other people’s ideas and comments.
(When in doubt, tag or re-tweet, don’t just reword.)